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Ne marche pas , en tactile

Great Game!!!

I am a big fan of this game. I am surprised at the fantastic graphics, much like my game on my PC. As I get thru the levels, the tile pattern grows to be what I am used to playing. The sounds are great too. If youre a mahjong fan, youll love it. If youve never played before, this one is a good one to learn on because it has the easy level. Im hooked, and probably will be for hours tonight! Have fun!

An Excellent Game

Ive been playing this game for over a week now. Ive enjoyed the various levels and they challenge they provide. Graphics are very good, though I do occasionally fat-finger the wrong tile. Helps pass the time during long commutes. I gave it 4 stars because of the lack of instructions.

Not worth the money

This game is far too basic for maj-jongg players. I dont know if it gets more difficult, but I dont have the patience to play through the games with 20 tiles in them. Shang-hai Mah-jongg is much better. I wish we could download previews first.

Great game

I play this on high with pieces missing and I can honestly say it has taken me awhile to finish this. There are 30 levels. I personally was stuck on 29 for about 2 weeks and I consider myself pretty decent player. Level 30 I completed in my first try but the board style was one that I am better at. Most levels took me a couple tries but others would take me at most 1 week playing several times a week no more then 3 tries in a day. I hope they add more levels. I dont know what I will do to now! However I have started teaching my 5 year old on the easiest level with no tiles missing and she finished 3 levels this weekend!

Too easy.

I finished this on hard in only a few days. Need more levels and more board types. Some board types seemed very close to others. Expensive game that doesnt take long to get through.

Great game

This is a great game, well worth the money. However, I would like to see an option to be able to play the game without the timer.

Good game but there are a few problems

I bought this and was immediatly dissapointed that users cannot change the darn music. Every game, level, and difficulty has the same music. And you cant turn it off if you want to listen to your own music. Change that and Ill give it another star. The other issue is that while challenging, it needs to add another difficulty level. Or, the developer could add more levels.

Value lacking

Rather than a few more tile lay-outs, see little over the free version. Feeling like I wasted the purchase

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