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Mahjong Solitaire app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 8761 ratings )
Games Card Puzzle
Developer: SUNSOFT
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.0.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 2.29 Mb

Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game. You can play the game by directly touching the unique multi-touch panel with your fingers. The player erases tiles by selecting matching pairs from pile of tiles displayed on-screen.

Please search "iPhone Mahjong" with Youtube for details.

Pros and cons of Mahjong Solitaire app for iPhone and iPad

Mahjong Solitaire app good for

I am a big fan of this game. I am surprised at the fantastic graphics, much like my game on my PC. As I get thru the levels, the tile pattern grows to be what I am used to playing. The sounds are great too. If youre a mahjong fan, youll love it. If youve never played before, this one is a good one to learn on because it has the easy level. Im hooked, and probably will be for hours tonight! Have fun!
Ive been playing this game for over a week now. Ive enjoyed the various levels and they challenge they provide. Graphics are very good, though I do occasionally fat-finger the wrong tile. Helps pass the time during long commutes. I gave it 4 stars because of the lack of instructions.
I play this on high with pieces missing and I can honestly say it has taken me awhile to finish this. There are 30 levels. I personally was stuck on 29 for about 2 weeks and I consider myself pretty decent player. Level 30 I completed in my first try but the board style was one that I am better at. Most levels took me a couple tries but others would take me at most 1 week playing several times a week no more then 3 tries in a day. I hope they add more levels. I dont know what I will do to now! However I have started teaching my 5 year old on the easiest level with no tiles missing and she finished 3 levels this weekend!
This is a great game, well worth the money. However, I would like to see an option to be able to play the game without the timer.

Some bad moments

This game is far too basic for maj-jongg players. I dont know if it gets more difficult, but I dont have the patience to play through the games with 20 tiles in them. Shang-hai Mah-jongg is much better. I wish we could download previews first.
I finished this on hard in only a few days. Need more levels and more board types. Some board types seemed very close to others. Expensive game that doesnt take long to get through.
Rather than a few more tile lay-outs, see little over the free version. Feeling like I wasted the purchase